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Madisun Proof's album, Transparent is now available on all streaming platforms (:

Go ahead and listen to their single, On the Real & check out the rest of the album, Transparent below.

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Madisun Proof is an independent artist from Boise, Idaho. A well-accomplished recording artist and performer, this culturally influential 208 "them-cee" expresses a conscious rap-style with hints of soul and jazz.

Madisun Grindell AKA R&B/ hip-hop artist  "Madisun Proof", was introduced to music education early in their life. As a child, they attended several writing camps and is currently a published poet in The Gold Edition The American Library of Poetry 2010. This love for music composition was fueled by Madisun's choral experiences and their admiration of poetry. Madisun Proof transitioned their self-expression from poetry to hip-hop, later leaving varsity choir to pursue an independent music career. 

Upon high school graduation, Madisun was awarded “Best Vocals, Class of 2016". In the moments of being given the award Madisun received an additional gift even greater: the confidence to create an identity through music. The day they received the award was the same day Madisun got their Proof. As the teacher handed the award to Madisun, he joked, telling them "If someone questions your capabilities, you show them this. This is your proof now."

At that very moment, Madisun claimed the proof as if it was in their pudding, and began writing under the stage name "Madisun Proof". In the following months, Proof would go on to release their first 7-track mixtape, Crossroads in 2018.

Madisun’s musical influences include Rhymesayers, Amy Winehouse, Jurassic 5, Reverie, Pro-Era, & the most educated, Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Since the release of the Crossroads mixtape, Madisun Proof has become an award-winning collaborative artist with the 208 Music Family. A three-time returning artist at the Boise Music Festival and Treefort Music Festival, opening for headliners like Rhapsody, Oddisee, Baby Eazy-E (E3), & Grieves. Their first single, On the Real was released in May 2018 as Proof’s first co-produced track.

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